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Tool Specifications[edit]

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Solid wood handle + double carbon steel bearing metal wheels, heavy beech wood handles are hard and crack-free, thickened and enlarged metal convex and concave double wheels, each of them is finely crafted and durable, suitable for the replacement of aluminum alloy plastic steel doors and windows of any specification.


The screen rolling tool has two different wheels, cams and recessed rollers, which can help you get the job done better and faster. Screen roller is compact and easy to carry, which is can solve your problem well. Every one is meticulously crafted and durable, A good helper for replacing screens at home.


Installing a screen with a screen rolling tool makes the job much easier. This essential tool is comfortable in the hand and the wheels turn smoothly to roll the screen and spline into the frame. It’s extremely economical and adds great value to big and small screen repair jobs.


The wood handle has ergonomic design, it is easy to hold. wooden handle and steel convex and concave roller wheels, the steel wheels of our screen rolling tool is smooth The hooks are sharp and the aged battens can be hooked out.


The combination screen rolling tool has a 1-5/16" x 3/32" convex (round edge) steel roller at one end and a 1-5/16" x 3/32" concave (grooved edge) steel roller at the opposite end.

Manuals and Documentation[edit]


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