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For 3d prints made out of resin more processing is needed on the object after printing in order to properly cure the print. One method is to leave the print out in the sun. In order to make sure the process is more controlled and give consistent results, as well as not relying on the weather and time, a box was needed to expose the resin to UV light. The box was designed in AutoDesk Inventor and was cut out of scrap wood left over from the PVCC Engineering failed projects pile because the the Industrial Tech program's failed project pile is too small. The box was combined with some quickly designed and printed hinges and an old EPROM eraser. While not the prettiest project I've put together, it works well and ensures consistent resin print results. The interior of the box was lined with foil to help provide even coverage.

Project Purpose[edit]

Manuals and Documentation[edit]

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Future Iterations[edit]