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Trim Saving[edit]

The trim removal tool has a larger, flatter and wider contact area than clumsy traditional tools and features an integrated wedged center that provides increased removal efficiency and prevents damage to both the trim and wall.

Revolutionary Tool[edit]

Our Trim Puller is a very beefy tool. The Build-in spring design assists in separating trim from wall freely and quickly. The 15 degree wedged center is for easy extraction of trim and baseboards. Durable Pry Bars - Our trim puller are made from 65 Mn steel with black electrophoretic and polished finish which protect against corrosion and give our pry bar added durability and strength. So the Trim Puller is a very beefy tool, and it will hold up well to repeated whacking.


Ideal for commercial work, repair and remodel projects where care and precision are needed including cabinets, countertops, flooring and many more. It can be used on a kitchen remodel, removing a couple of sections of baseboard, a countertop from some base cabinets, and pulling up a ceramic tile floor. The very edge can also used to pry up the staples.

Ergonomic Handle[edit]

All our trim puller is built with an ergonomic, comfortable and textured dipped handle. An impact absorbing FPR handle makes it comfortable to hold, though.

Tool Specifications[edit]

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Step 1[edit]

Use a utility knife or painters 5-in-1 tool to score the top of seam where the trim meets the wall. This will prevent tearing the paint from the wall.

Step 2[edit]

Position the Trim Puller's front face against the wall with the sharp edge on the seam where trim meets the wall. For best results start at the end of baseboard strip.

Step 3[edit]

Strike the top of the Trim Puller with a hammer or hard mallet, driving the Trim Puller between the trim and the wall. The wedge will begin to separate the trim from the wall automatically.

Step 4[edit]

Once the Trim Puller is wedged between the trim and wall, gently pry the trim away from the wall by twisting the handle creating a gap. Repeat steps 2-4 and the gap will increase with each pull until removed.

Part Number ‎G02807
Item Weight ‎1.39 pounds
Product Dimensions 3.94 x 4.33 x 11.02 inches
Item model number NOVASAT-0409-1513-34
Material ‎Steel

Manuals and Documentation[edit]