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Website Features[edit]

The various extensions that can easily be added to MediaWiki were the deciding factor in choosing to run it over other packages. MediaWiki has the right combination of features to mostly cover my uses for PartsDB but once the updated version is released I'll probably use both in combination.



A YouTube widget was added to enable videos to be embedded onto a page. Example video below.

Use code {{#widget:YouTube|id=DWef69ItVrU}}

Additional parameters can be added to change the start time ('start=') or the dimensions in pixels (using 'height=' and 'width='). Playlists can also be displayed by using 'playlist=' rather than 'id='.

Google Spreadsheet[edit]

I've installed a widget to display Google spreadsheets. An example of the widget can be seen below.

The code to enable a spreadsheet on a page is {{#widget:Google Spreadsheet|key=1Pc_2ykavBDirrk0nLMs0dCUbW8LDlDjGN9R43KdKQIA|width=600|height=400}}

The 'key' is the parameter found in the spreadsheet's URL. Width and height are measured in pixels.

Custom Map[edit]

A custom map widget allows for various image formats to provide the base for a slippy map.

Project Purpose[edit]

Manuals and Documentation[edit]

Future Iterations[edit]