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The edge of the patio, the border pavers, are called the soldier course.

I'll need to find a way to cut the pavers. Tile saw?

use a rubber mallet on pavers to sink them slightly into bed of sand and to level/secure

polymeric sand hardens to prevent weeds and seals it to water but costs more, long term advantages for for rental in not having to touch up

checkerboard patterned pavers is called jack-on-jack, and offset is called running bond

thicker pavers for heavy objects

call 811 to check for underground utilities

nonwoven landscape fabric to prevent sand mixing with soil and allowing water to travel

medium sand rather than coarse construction or fine mason sand

County Building Codes and Regs

building codes

HD video, tool list, and writeup

Uses plastic base panels

how to level the ground

Project Purpose[edit]

Manuals and Documentation[edit]

Currently your browser does not use a PDF plugin. You may however download the PDF file instead.

Future Iterations[edit]

I certainly hope there won't be any future iterations for quite a while.