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Hi, my name is Ben and this is my personal website; currently under construction! Check out my resume.


I keep a list of all the tools I have access to and the different metrics and datasheets that may come in handy. You can either view the whole list or delve deeper into the various subcategories. Tools


A current listing of notable, and not so notable, projects that I have worked on, finished, or WIP can be found under the Projects listing. These documents are always being updated and added to as I continue to start and complete new projects.


Over at LibraryThing I try to keep a somewhat up to date catalog of the various literature I own. I've divided this up in to a few different categories to try to keep track of things. The library also includes Taylor's books as well.

Parts and Components[edit]

Some of the bits and bobs I have that are useful for the projects I work on as well as school-work have pretty in depth Datasheets. I try to keep track of at least a portion of the datasheets, especially for older components or datasheets that would otherwise be hard to fine.