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Milling the PCB[edit]


The sensor can only be purchased as a SMT device and any through-hole sensors I could find were either too expensive or too complicated for this project. The decision was made to mill out a board with pads to connect the sensor to wires that could in turn be connected to the FPGA breakout board. Another solution that I might have to go back and try would be a hat for the breakout board so the sensor could be plugged in on top of the FPGA for a cleaner method of assembly.

First, the measurements for the pads were lifted from the datasheet and put into CAD and then the pads were elongated to allow room for soldering wires to connect. Then the CAD model was transferred into CAM for the Carbide milling machine. The milling was successful although the gaps between the pads and surrounding copper could be a bit larger for ease of soldering. The gap would be great for almost any other design though and was quite smooth.

Solder Deposition[edit]

20191124 125459.jpg
20191124 130256.jpg
20191124 130258.jpg
20191124 131707.jpg

In order to solder the sensor to the PCB I had milled I covered the board in solder and the removed the excess with a solder wick to essentially "tin" the board.

20191124 133758.jpg
20191124 135253.jpg
20191124 144445.jpg

The linescan camera uses the TSL3301 linear sensor in order to limit the required part cost and design complexity that would normally accompany a similar camera.

Project Purpose[edit]

This project was started as a Intro to Mechanisms final project but is something I've wanted to do for a while. The idea for it came from the FAT (Fully Automated Timing) systems that would be used as finish line cameras for track. The Lynx system that was used by Fluvanna HS always fascinated me. My dad was the track coach so I was familiar with how much setup goes in to getting the system running and the expense to purchase one. This inspired me to see if I could do something similar, albeit a much cheaper, lower quality version.

Manuals and Documentation[edit]

This project has led to plenty of documents and pictures along the way and I've tried my best to keep track of everything. The datasheet has been invaluable for this project and I've had electronic copies and paper copies open all at once trying to figure things out at times. The timing has been quite a challenge.

First Annual Student Showcase Handout[edit]

This is the handout I made to accompany my display at the Industrial Technology program's first student project showcase. Students were able to display and talk about their final projects, or any other project they liked, to classmates, professors, the public, and industry professionals. The event was thought up and held during what I like to call the Eric dynasty when Eric Bredder headed the technology program over at PVCC.

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Class Writeup[edit]

The final project submission needed to include a brief overview of the project and how it works. While the project was submitted and got an 'A' there is still plenty of work to do in order to get the final product where I would like it.

Currently your browser does not use a PDF plugin. You may however download the PDF file instead.

Future Iterations[edit]

This project is a WIP.