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Project Purpose[edit]

The LED Cube was built as a demonstration for the first annual PVCC technology department student showcase. The Cube was displayed light patterns generated by an FPGA. The inspiration for the project came from a fellow student, Gloria, and was built using a similar method. First, the LED spacing was decided on by measuring out the leads and determining how much of the length would be taken up by the bend and soldering. Then the spacing was put into a CAD drawing in order to cut out holes to fit the individual LED's into while fitting them together and soldering. Each layer was built up using the same method and then the layers were soldered together. The Cube was then mounted onto a piece of perfboard with DuPont wires soldered to the underside. The male to male DuPont wires were then simply plugged into the FPGA breakout board.

Manuals and Documentation[edit]

Future Iterations[edit]

I'd like to be able to have a cleaner layout and more even spacing between the LED's. To make the Cube look more appealing I think a better jig would go a long way. Thinner leads and larger LED's would also be an improvement. Using the FPGA a much larger cube could be controlled so this project has plenty of room to grow.