K40 Laser Cutter Modifications

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Project Purpose[edit]

Overall Upgrade Guides[edit]

HackADay Getting Started MasterHacks Best Upgrades German Page Upgrade DIYHacker Upgrades LaserGods Beginner's Guide https://modern-crafts.net/k40-laser-cutter/ https://all3dp.com/2/k40-laser-cutters-all-you-need-to-know/ https://www.reddit.com/r/lasercutting/comments/4girf9/chinese_ebay_k40_hacks_and_mods/ https://forum.makerforums.info/t/k40-enhancements-and-modifications/79915 https://hackaday.com/2018/11/09/the-how-and-why-of-laser-cutter-aiming/ https://k40.se/k40-laser-upgrades/fixes-upgrades/

General Tips[edit]

The "outlets" located on the machine should not be used. The main power for the laser needs to be rated at least 15 Amps. Distilled water should be used for cooling or careful additives

Upgrade Matrix[edit]

An upgrade matrix I found allows for modifications to be made in an order that makes the most sense.

Manuals and Documentation[edit]


Over at HackADay a user wrote up an interesting log improving the airflow for the K40 but it seems that was the only log made by that user. Still, this information is useful going forward.


HackADay has an article on a project to modify the K40 to cut five times the size as the stock machine.



Amazon Link


The K40 Whisperer is a free software package to run the K40 with some big benefits over Laser Draw, the clunky cracked software that the laser cutters are shipped with. It can properly combine both engraving and cutting and works on a variety of operating systems.

Future Iterations[edit]