FilaDryer S1 3d Printing-Mate

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The enclosed container keeps out moisture and dust.

Keeps filaments in a low humidity environment.

A rotating spool holder that allows to load filament and feed it directly to your 3D printer.

SUNLU S1 Filament Dryer Box has 2 button that operates time and temperature.

Adjustable temperature control to keep filaments between 35°C-55°C.

Adjustable time functions break free of worry.

Depending on the type of filament you need to dry, the temperature you use will need to be adjusted.

Compatible with the most common hygroscopic materials 3D printing filaments' Diameter: 1.75mm/2.85mm/3.00mm

Tool Specifications[edit]

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71GIDSEVcsS. AC SL1500 .jpg

Manuals and Documentation[edit]

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