Discrete H-Bridge

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Circuit on Breadboard
Using a Pixel to Control a Motor

This project was an improvement on a project assigned at PVCC. The original project consisted of using an integrated H-Bridge, the L293D, along with a Featherboard to drive a small DC Motor. Rather than stop there I made my own H-Bridge out of components I found in the various parts bins at the lab. I was able to successfully build and use my motor controller. The motor was controlled using a potentiometer that the microcontroller would use to base the speed off of.

Project Purpose[edit]

The purpose of this project was to go above and beyond the knowledge goals of the class exercise and really learn what all is in the motor controller and how it works. This project was successful in both that as well as being good practice in putting together a circuit on a small breadboard. Layout was a concern with the larger parts that were used to space had to be managed efficiently.

Manuals and Documentation[edit]


Future Iterations[edit]

In the future it'd be nice to calculate out how much power the circuit could handle and find what parts would be the weakest link. The wiring on this was a little messy as DuPont wires were used for the connections and most of the connections were pretty short.