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Why Choose INKUEN Angle Gauge Level Box? INKUEN magnetic angle finder is a portable and lightweight tool, can be easily carried with you when working at heights. It is very suitable for measure or set angles, check relative angles, measure bevel angle of miter and so on.


VA Bright Backlight Display - Helps you to read clearly even when working at night. Strong Magnetic Base - Can be firmly attached to any metal surface. Horizontal Level Bubble - Help judge the tilt direction of the product, for leveling work without battery. Hold Function - Used to lock detection results. Auto-rotating Display - Help easy reading in 360 degrees. 4 Units of Measurements - Include °degrees / % / mm/m / IN/FT. Zero Function - Calibrate the Angle Finder to maximize reliability and accuracy. V-Groove - On the measurement base, for easy attach to round pipes. Groove on the 2 Sides Housing - For easy doing the mark work. What You Get:

1 x Digital Angle Gauge 1 x Carry Bag 1 x instructions

Built-in Powerful Magnets on the Bottom Strong magnetic base is used to firmly attached to any metal surface such as miter saws, band saws and table saw blades. You can also use it on fences, tables.

Bright Backlight Auto-rotating Display Auto-rotating display can help easy to use and read at any angle even when upside down. And backlight display screen helps you to read at night.

Pocket Size & Horizontal Level Bubble It has a level bubble that helps judge the tilt direction of the product, and its size is small, is very useful for completing work on ladders, roofs or other dangerous locations.

【Great Accuracy and Consistency】Angle gauge provide an accuracy of ±0.1° and resolution of 0.05°. It works well in measuring or setting angles, checking relative angles, measuring bevel angle of miter saw, automobile test and repair, or used as a digital level. 【Upgraded Angle Gauge with Horizontal Bubble】The digital angle gauge with a V-groove magnetic base instead of a flat base, which can be more stably fixed on round pipes and other metal surfaces. And it increases a bubble vial, which can be used to determine the level when there is no battery. 【Versatility - 4 Units of Measurement】Compared to others, our digital angle finder provides 4 display units, can switch freely from degree(°),percentage(%), mm/m, in/ft. Besides, with data storage function, "Erro" indicator function, "Zero" switches relative angle etc. Multi practical functions of this angle gauge allow users to be more efficient and make their job easier. 【High-visibility Reversible Display, Easier to read】Specially designed with high visibility auto-rotating display, which has higher definition digitals. No worrying about hard viewing even with poor eyesight or using in dark areas. 【Wide Application】Widely used in house decoration, building construction, automobile testing and repair, road and bridge slope detection, etc. The protractor is portable and convenient, whether you are a beginner, construction worker, decoration designer, maintenance worker, craftsman or other professionals, Inkuen angle gauge is a great helper and choice for angle measurement and adjustment.

Tool Specifications[edit]

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Note: Please place it on a flat and smooth surface vertically. If it tilts over 30°, it will show “Erro”. Only the bottom is magnetic, the sides are not. The angle gauge has been pre-calibrated at the factory, you can use it to measure directly. If you want to measure relative angle, press "ZERO" can set current angle to 0°. If not use for 3 minutes, it will shut down automatically. Please put in 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries before use.

Manuals and Documentation[edit]