Detail Brush - Set of 3

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  • SOLVENT RESISTANT BRISTLES - Stands up to the toughest wheel cleaners and are perfect for iron removing decontamination sprays such as Sonax or CarPro Iron X.
  • GENTLE - Great for using on soft Nappa leather seats or trim such as exterior emblems. Will not scratch if used with a high quality wheel cleaner or car wash soap.
  • 2" LONG BRISTLES - Great for reaching into deep lug nuts and tight spaces. No metal parts makes it the safest brush for your vehicle. 3 different brush sizes - 1", 1.25", 1.5" in diameter.
  • VERSATILE - Great for everything from brushing crumbs out of your seat crevices to dusting air vents. These brushes are also great around the house for cleaning narrow spaces.

Tool Specifications[edit]

Brand ‎Detail Buddy
Model ‎FBA_DB-3SET

Manuals and Documentation[edit]