48 inch 8000 series Parallel Jaw Clamp

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The Jorgensen Cabinet Master 90° parallel jaw bar clamp is a cabinetmaker’s best friend. Its large plastic jaws distribute clamping pressure over wide areas and stay parallel to assure square corners and prevent workpieces from bowing or lifting. This makes it the perfect clamp for flat‑panel, box, cabinet, frame, and panel‑door assemblies – or any project that requires squareness or evenly applied pressure. A built‑in clamp stand allows for one‑handed use and quicker sliding‑head adjustment. Want to use it as a spreader? Just reverse the sliding head.

Tool Specifications[edit]

Product # Max Opening Reach Clamping Force Bar
#8048 48" 3 7⁄8" 1,500 lb. 1 3⁄16" × 3⁄8"

Manuals and Documentation[edit]