3d Printed Phone Case

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20191117 091826.jpg

Project Purpose[edit]

The phone case was to be a stand in while a new case could be purchased and shipped so that the phone was at least somewhat protected from the various hazards it may have faced in the mean time. The printed case was not expected to last very long or be incredibly well built, it simply needed to break before the phone did if needed.

Manuals and Documentation[edit]

Future Iterations[edit]

Due to the inherent properties of FDM 3d printing, the case wasn't nearly as smooth as a commercially manufactured one would be. While it would be more costly, a resin printing process would avoid this issue. The resin chosen would have to be specific for the use case as some are quite strong and would effectively just transfer the drop to the phone itself. Another option would be TPU or other flexible filament. The flex would both feel nicer in the hand and more effectively protect the phone. This would still end up with layer lines however. If more time was spent on the finishing process the layer lines could be smoothed out by sanding.